Joe Foran

Joe Foran

Senior Consultant
United States


  • Evidence-based leadership coaching           
  • Team development/team dynamics/Intentional Collaborative Process                                 
  • Coaching for performance and transformation in the “metaorganisation”

Professional Experience             

  • Senior Consultant/Executive Coach, Coverdale OD, Ltd.
  • Vice President for Program Development, The Management Edge, Inc. 
  • Senior Scientist/Senior Advisor, Computer Science Corporation, Inc.
  • Founder/President, Atlantic EcoTechnologies, Inc.
  • Vice President for Policy and Science, ISSI, Inc. 
  • Vice President, Advanced Technologies, ABB-ES, Inc.
  • Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Roster of Environmental Conflict Resolution Professionals

education and training

  • BA, History, Carleton College 
  • MA, Organisation & Management Development, Fielding Graduate University 
  • Master Practitioner, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)                                 
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coach Federation
  • Certified Practitioner, Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)
  • Certified Practitioner, Conflict Management Profile
  • Certified Practitioner, Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile
  • Certified Mediator (American Arbitration Association-compliant)

JOE SAYS:                    

Large and small, teams are the basic units of today’s organizations – the days of the brilliant lone wolf are largely over.  Poorly-functioning teams are an enormous drag on organisational performance globally.  And frankly, even functional teams typically perform at a level well below what they are easily capable of.  When a team goes through a typical Coverdale workshop, they see clearly just how far they can go.  More important, though, they begin to concretely understand just how to get there – they learn the core tools and techniques; the process skills,  the common methods of working, necessary for true transformation.  Making that happen is truly exciting work, and it is exactly what brought me to Coverdale.

Even more profound is the modern need for teams made up of players from different organisations in complex supplier relationships, strategic alliances and the like.  These multi-organisational teams are “meta-organisations” – organizations created at the interface of other organisations.  Existing at that interface between their parents, they are increasingly critical to strategic organisational success.  When management recognises the legitimacy of meta-organisations and focuses on their systematic development, these meta-organisations can transform industries and achieve previously unheard-of levels of performance.  Getting managements to understand the legitimacy and significance of meta-organisations fascinates me, and is my current key research interest.