Keith Edmonds

Keith Edmonds

Senior Consultant
United Kingdom


  • Design and delivery of large scale organisation development/performance improvement programmes
  • Vision and strategy development work for Boards and Senior Management Groups
  • Programmes to accelerate beneficial cultural change
  • Pan-European development programmes for senior and middle management
  • One-to-one coaching for senior executives


Keith is in his third career. His first was in management in the hospitality industry, reaching the level of general management.  His second was in human resources in that industry, reaching the position of Human Resources Director for a UK based multi-national.  His third is as a process consultant with Coverdale, with whom he has now worked for twenty-five years.

Some recent assignments:

  • Development of Company Purpose, Vision and Values.  He has done this kind of work with several Boards' of Directors, and followed through with programmes designed to inculcate fresh direction and momentum throughout their organisations
  • Corporate Strategy Implementation through cultural change.  It is fair to say that Coverdale is at its best when it is designing and delivering large-scale programmes on a national or global basis around the implementation of corporate strategies.  As one client said of us recently "you are great large scale implementers".  These strategies may well be HR and management development oriented, but not exclusively so.  All of them are linked in some way to performance improvement and enhanced business results.  I have led or participated as a core team member in at least six programmes of this kind.  The latest programme embraced over three hundred managers over three months
  • Working with a Chief Executive over a period of 10 years so that a culture of high performance and growth has been established throughout his organisation. This work has included vision and values development, management development programmes, and bi-annual conferences for the entire management group
  • Design and facilitation of 'large group interventions'.  Through application of our methods their conferences now take on the characteristics of energy and excitement, as well as being productive and useful for the businesses
  • Executive Coaching. 'One-to-one' coaching sessions with senior managers helps them clarify and focus their thinking, for their benefit and that of their organisation.  Individuals in his care gain fresh perspectives and new ideas into old problems.  Individual coaching of this kind leads to deeper personal insights and long-term raised levels of performance
  • Business Planning. This client recognised the need for a complete review of the business planning and budgeting process.  Together we designed a programme of 'top-down' 'bottom up' workshops, which synthesised team development with improvement in planning and forecasting
  • Designing, leading and participating in pan-European Leadership Development Programmes for major corporations

Previous career experience:

  • Working en stage in the hospitality industry working in Switzerland, France & Germany
  • General Manager of two large up-market hotels
  • Training Director of THH Hotels
  • Human Resources Director of THF Hotels world wide
  • In Coverdale ~ Recruitment Manager; Hospitality, Leisure & Drinks Business Sector Manager; Product Development Manager; Business Development Director; Chairman of the Board
Education and training:
  • National Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Training Officer certification from Sheffield University
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified MBTI Practitioner
  • Essentials of Psychosynthesis

Working languages:

  • English

Keith says:

My personal values are reflected in those held by the Coverdale Organisation ~ Discovery, Achievement, Humanity.
Working with Coverdale has given me the insight into the endless potential, which lies within all human beings. Being part of something which helps release this potential and which causes fresh awareness in people to make a wider range of choices in their lives is a privilege.
Having operated in thirty different countries I have a special interest in, and ability to apply my experience to the development of leadership & co-operative skills of senior managers in the multi-cultural context.