Client testimonials

Of course we think we are brilliant at what we do - but we would say that, wouldn't we? Luckily our clients think we are pretty good too. Here is what some of them say about us.


“Participating in the Coverdale project management training, allowed staff to learn to use a set of common tools and vocabulary applicable in our day-to-day work. Their skilled trainers created a safe space for us to honestly explore the areas that present challenges for us and align on more effective ways of working moving forward. Teams across the organisation are already approaching project management differently. We left the training feeling inspired and motivated to do things differently.”   Better Cotton Initiative, Geneva

"I liked the Coverdale update mainly because it provided simple chatty news about other people in other situations grappling with the similar issues of how to get the best out of their people.  Releasing the talent of everyone who works for me has been a bit of a theme for me since the scales fell from my eyes 20 odd years ago when Coverdale first helped me through a tough change program.

I have now used the principles of the Coverdale approach four times (twice in partnership with your good self) and seen it launced a fifth time on another green field project.  The power of your approach is to build not just internal capability in a organisation but leadership understanding, capability and determination to drive change not just because it's good for the business, but beacuse the people who work in the business deserve a fantastic working environment.  I've seen the basic approach adapted and tailored to the specific situation every time it's been used.  Latterly we are putting more focus on the type of working environment and culture we are trying to create:  Openness and honesty, passion and energy, empowerment and ownership, leadership at all levels, learning from experience, and being connected and valued.  Your disciples from the early days have their fingerprints all over this ... Joop, Colin, Mark, Pete and others.  You will be pleased to know that the work be did together in China has delivered a tremendously strong and high performing organisation (almost completely locals now), with sustained performance for 10 years.  The team I have just left in the Middle East will get there too ... visiting executives from other companies always remark about how the place feels different and are jealous of the open, inclusive culture we have created." Personal feedback from a senior leader in a global blue chip company.


"I have worked with Coverdale several times in my career and each time they have made a significant impact on the organisation and particularly its people. Most recently I used them to help transform the culture of one of our private equity owned businesses and prepare them for growth and ultimately, a sale. I am clear that the work with Coverdale helped us create value." David Williams, Chair, Operating Partners, Duke Street


"Yet again, Coverdale proved to be the number one provider of quality project management programmes. They developed and delivered a customised programme that was very well received by the participants." Helen Hardy, HR Director, Costa


"This is a team that really understands business, people and business people: not many actually understand all three. Our programme has rapidly cemented a new team of board members, quickly unlocking potential for the business and then developing it further." Thomas G Martin, Joint MD, Arco Ltd


"The Coverdale experience is not task or role specific, it is a learning that contributes to the total business capability of the employee, and capable employees are ultimately what our long term business success is founded upon." David Morton, Strategic Director, Menzies Distribution

"I used Coverdale during the start up of a new petro-chemical plant in Guangdong Province in China. The challenge was to bring together 16 different ex-pat nationalities and local Chinese people from 23 provinces and work in new ways to enable a flawless start up. Coverdale helped to help install common methods of working and to build a unique culture which was the foundation for success in what was at the time the biggest joint venture in China." Michael Cunningham, Shell Global Solutions


"The work that Coverdale is doing with Outward Bound Trust is having a significant impact on our working culture. We are aiming to create an organisation that good people want to join and where they want to stay. The many layered aspects of our work with Coverdale is absolutely integral to this, as is the Coverdale ability to understand us and help us from within. Staff from every level within The Trust have given extremely positive feedback." Nick Barrett, Chief Executive, The Outward Bound Trust

"Our experience of Coverdale's work has exceeded expectation; in complex circumstances their advice has added definable value which has benefited the business immediately and helped to deliver a new approach to business collaboration within the rural sector. Mike De Luca is exceptionally professional and delivers what he promises, when he's promised it. In short, he understands how business ticks, is a pleasure to work with and good company too."  William Fry, Managing Director, Rural Solutions Consulting


"It has been some thirty years since as a young graduate in Courtaulds I went on my first Coverdale training programme. Its impact on me has been long lasting. The impact of Coverdale training on my managers with whom I worked, on those managers for whom I funded Coverdale training, and on the performance of those teams of people has been quite remarkable. When I left industry after some twenty years to become an academic and to work with the MBA programme at Lancaster University I brought Coverdale with me to train the students - their impact has been immense - some things never change - the impact of Coverdale is one of those things."  Peter Lenney, Director of the M.Sc. in Advanced Marketing Management and Lecturer and Senior Fellow of the Foundation for Management Education, Lancaster University Management School

"My 1:1 coaching sessions clarified and focused my thinking. But more than that, I gained fresh perspectives and new ideas from a coach of broad managerial experience and good sense. He didn't just rearrange my understanding, he added to it."  Brian Nisbet, Director of Career Development and Employment Centre, University of Sussex.


"When I first came across the Coverdale experience, the impact it had on me was life changing - I never forgot it and have applied the principles and practices unceasingly."  John Bamsey, COO Middle East & Africa, IHG

"In an ever changing and competitive market place, we have no doubt that there is a correlation between business issues, team solutions and a structured approach. Coverdale has taught us and given us the ability to successfully manage this process."  Ian Cockill, People Development Director, Inventive Leisure


"There is nothing better than operating as an in-house coach. The ongoing support from my Coverdale coach has served to increase my confidence and ensure that I maximise personal development opportunities through continuously challenging myself. I have found this journey to be exhilarating, extremely challenging and highly rewarding. Long may it continue."   Steve Walden, Learning and Development Programme Consultant, AMEC Group


"I would never have achieved all the results that I have over the past 18 months without 1:1 executive coaching support from Coverdale. The sessions have provided me with a creative framework against which to explore different options and avenues, validate my thinking and review experience."  Sheila Hoile, Director of Skills Strategy, CITB-Construction Skills


"Feedback from the participants that experience our Learning Events continues to be extremely positive. Typical comments from participants include 'the best event I've ever experienced', 'in 20 years of marketing I've never been so challenged and engaged in learning' Jennie Morris, Vice President Human Resources, Stamford Supply, Diageo


"The development of our senior management team has been the strategic base on which we have built the company's growth. Coverdale provided the tools which people have used to reach personal and corporate goals." David Lewis, Chief Executive, Kent Messenger Group

"They are helping us to harness people's energy and commitment and to work in an effective and collaborative way on the key issues that really deliver value and will ultimately make the difference." Peter Lobban, Chief Executive, CIB-Construction Skills


"We have worked with a number of organisations in the past, but without doubt, Coverdale has helped us develop real skill in a coaching style of leadership which other providers couldn't match." Antony Spencer, Managing Director, Shire Hotels


"Coverdale is much more than a training course. You learn on the job how to use the method and the tools - and it sticks! Today, years after having done the training with larger parts of my organisation, we still apply the approach. It has become part of the DNA of our organisation and the way we approach daily and larger tasks." Daniel Stamm, Head of Global Sales, Biopharm Process Solutions, Merck Millipore

"Seven years ago Amlin had not heard of the Coverdale Organisation now they are very much part of our culture when it comes to the development of our managers. It is not so much a three-day programme but a three-day experience that leaves a lasting impression on all delegates. Here's to the next seven years" Julie Northfield, Learning & Development Manager, Amlin plc