Coverdale can provide a wide range of tailor made organisational development consultancy services to meet the specific needs of your organisation.  We can help at both the development and the implementation stages, ensuring clarity and then delivery in the following areas:

Vision and Strategy

Vision and strategy are talked about a lot and there are hundreds of books written on the subject.  Why then is it so difficult to get right?  Coverdale can help you develop real clarity of direction and then facilitate your thinking so that you choose the most appropriate strategy to succeed.  We will then work with you so that the right things are in place to ensure successful implementation - where most strategies fail.


Most organisations have corporate values.  They all look great, since no-one publishes values that don’t look appealing.  Living them is quite different to publishing them. Words on a page are one thing, actions quite another. Coverdale can help you clarify and test your organisation’s values and then help you bring them to life - where leaders set the model, so that all of the people in the organisation can live them in their work.

Culture Change and Organisational Alignment

Is everything in your organisation in tune?  Do you have the right culture? Are the people and resources aligned to what you are trying to achieve?  If not, it will kill your strategy. Coverdale can ensure your culture is appropriate for your structure and strategy, and that your organisation and people are aligned in order to deliver your business aims.

Structural Change

Is your structure appropriate for what you are trying to achieve?  Coverdale can help you with your thinking, ensure that the structure enables rather than disables your strategy and help you bring about a smooth transition that everyone understands.

Behaviour Change

In any change it is critical that people are given the right skills and opportunity to develop the behaviours appropriate to what the organisation is trying to achieve.  This is something that needs to be developed and will not happen just because it is asked for. Coverdale can help you clarify the appropriate behaviours required to achieve your business aims, and then put a process in place that will enable people to develop the right skills for sustained behaviour change.

Change Management 

Make the implementation of change successful, getting the buy in and commitment of your people.  Coverdale can help ensure that the change management process is rigorously thought through and planned, and more importantly implemented effectively.


Our Workshops are backed by the Coverdale Guarantee. If you don’t believe we have delivered, you don’t pay us.


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