Individuals make teams. Teams make organisations. What separates high performing teams from the rest?  

One of the common characteristics of all consistently high performing teams – in the worlds of sport, business and communities – is that all of the individuals who make up the team appear to operate on the same wavelength; to think, to act, seemingly as one. This is sometimes referred to as shared cognition. It can occur organically, but this leaves it to chance and it can take months – even years - to develop. In today’s global economy, that’s just not helpful.  

Given today’s urgency, how can you effectively equip your teams with the same attributes? Attributes that enable them to successfully apply, again and again, a highly effective model. A model that allows them to truly utilise the team’s knowledge, experience and skills, and in doing so co-ordinate and focus their efforts effectively and efficiently.

Coverdale’s Systematic Approach, developed over 50 years, provides the common language and method of working that enables a group of individuals to operate on the same wavelength; to think, to act, in complete alignment, regardless of rank or role. When combined with the fundamental skills of human co-operation, the team can truly harness their total collective knowledge, experience and skills in pursuit of the aims of the organisation.

Our High-Performance Teams Workshops equip your individuals and teams with these skills, and can be tailored to meet specific skill development needs. Our workshops are based on the practice of experiential learning – developing real skill from experience, review and feedback. They are immersive, enjoyable and relevant. They can include the opportunity for participants to apply these skills to real business tasks, so that the skills are further enhanced through working on things that really matter. Alongside developing plans for application back at work, this method of deliberate, supported practice enables successful transfer and sets a model for continued skill development.

An illustration of one of our workshop designs for High Performance Teams

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