In order for your business to be successful, your people and teams need to be aligned, motivated, focused and appropriately skilled. And your people and teams need to be constantly learning, so that they always have the skills required to stay ahead of the competition.

How do you do this during an age where change and uncertainty are a constant and the bombardment of information is relentless? How do you keep a team of individuals pulling in the same direction when demands on their time and expertise come from every direction? How do you equip your people with the skills and confidence to lead themselves and others in pursuit of your organisations vision and goals?

Our Leadership and Management Development Workshops ensure your people are equipped with the right skills to lead themselves and their teams - with confidence - in the right direction; the fundamental, learnable skills of leadership and human co-operation; for example, skills such as setting unambiguous aims, planning, reviewing to improve, observation, listening, delegation, giving and receiving feedback, building on ideas…

Our workshop designs, tailored to your specific needs, are based on the practice of experiential learning – developing real skill from experience, review and feedback. Which is why they are immersive, enjoyable and relevant; attendees develop practical skills that they can immediately apply in the organisation. Our designs enable personal and collective reflection, so that key learnings are drawn out and plans made to apply and integrate these in the organisation.


We know it works, and so do our clients.


Our Workshops are backed by the Coverdale Guarantee. If you don’t believe we have delivered, you don’t pay us.


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