Organisational Development

Since 1965 Coverdale has been working with and developing organisations all over the world.  We have built the reputation and experience to enable sustainable improvements in organisational capability.  Our track record of success is such that 96% of all our business is repeat or through client referral.  This is something we are extremely proud of.

  • We work in true partnership with our clients and always aspire to deliver sustainable organisational development solutions for them.
  • We believe in getting to know our clients' businesses intimately so that we better understand the issues and challenges facing them.  Client confidentiality is of supreme importance to us.
  • We pride ourselves on being able to listen better than anyone else and therefore provide tailor-made solutions to meet the real needs of the business and really add value.
  • We believe that quick-fixes and flavours of the month rarely work.  That is why we rely on tried and tested methods founded on sound principles.
  • We know that people are vital to success.  We encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential.  We value diversity, the contribution of each individual and we encourage openness, trust and respect.
  • We believe that co-operation is more productive than conflict so will always seek to work towards mutual benefit.
  • We will strive to meet the highest standards of integrity, honesty and professional competence.
  • We believe in high aspirations and will encourage others to aim high.  We see the world as full of possibility and have a mind set of 'how can we do that?' rather than find reasons not to try.