Philosophy and Principles

Coverdale is a leading exponent of experiential and inductive learning.  We will work in partnership with you to ensure we (and you) are absolutely clear what your real needs are and then align everything we do to this.  We will also ensure that everything we do is linked with the business aims of your organisation.

We develop real skill rather than impart knowledge and work with your people to transfer these skills into the workplace so that they are applied and are sustainable.  We work on the principle that knowing the theory of how to swim will not stop you drowning when you jump in the pool.  You have to get into the water and try it out - in a safe environment and with support.  You cannot develop skill by reading about it or hearing about it, you have to practice - do it and review it.  This is at the heart of all our training and development.

We do not believe in quick fixes or flavours of the month rather we rely on tried and tested principles that we know will work.

We will measure what we do.